Friday, October 24

Knitting is just so... Cheap! Not!

Knitting is just so... Cheap! Not!

I got invited at far-too-short notice to teach a local radio DJ to knit, and couldn't duck out Thursday. I had planned to teach first thing Friday morning, if they had wanted me  (had already booked a day off). They found someone else - I listened in on the way to work. It was all this "credit-crunch, make-do-and-mend" crap. Yeah, right. Have they SEEN the price of wool lately? It's no steeper than it's always been, mind - but it's not a cheap option. If I was desperate for a new jumper, and skint, I'd pick a £5 Primark job over a £45+ hand-knit one anyday (£45 that doesn't include time/labour, of course). We do it for fun, and I emailed the station to say so - possibly why they blew me off, because I didn't fake my name. Oh well!

Headed over to Catthorpe for the "30 years of Rowan" exhibition. They weren't ready for us, so we had a coffee in the coffee bar - it's a farm shop with tea rooms, v nice. Used up the £2 I had on me, getting two coffees (yeah, disorganised with the shrapnel, as ever!). Fashion show was good, although the room we were in was tiny. That Kaffe Fassett loves him some colour! Bought two balls of sock yarn, that has little fluffy blobs on. Would have liked to have stayed longer, but I needed to get back to Cov to pick G up - so didn't actually get any knitting done, after all that! Had hoped there might be some Noro on display, but it was mostly Rowan. Dropped Wendy off and went home to try out the pumpkin pie I'd made, which had finished cooking. Interesting - I was expecting it to be more solid than it was, but it was still nice. The recipe (American) called for pie pumpkins - there only seem to be the big orange ones over here.

Had vague plans to spend quality time with the Cog this weekend, but he has other plans (work, football). Oh well, more knitting time for me!

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