Sunday, November 2

Overlooking the obvious...

So, I've been having minor troubles with my Silver Reed for some time now - jamming if I tried to do ribbing at the far right hand of the beds, dropped stitches in all sorts of places when knitting lace, etc. Despite my best efforts, nothing cured it. Until I realised, the problem was far more simple - I just needed a new sponge bar. After 20 mins of swearing and mucking about, I got the new one fitted. I should explain - I have three knitting machines up, which limits the space in my room. Also, I somehow managed to get the colour changer and the old bar jammed together. Had to take everything apart so that I could lay the main bed on the floor, and have enough room to get the new bar in. Anyway, I have been doing some plain and fashion laces, and apart from a few places where I suspect I was just going too fast, no dropped stitches! I suspect the ribber could do with being a little higher, but other than that, no problems. Yay!

Often I look for complicated solutions and overlook the obvious, simple one that's staring me in the face! heh! Oh well!

Sneakily measured up my niece and nephew on Monday, so there will hopefully be some knitting for Christmas (I can post that here, because neither is old enough to read. Yet!). I just need to dig out some patterns I am happy with. Oh, and L apparently will wear nothing but pink at the moment. She's developing a fashion sense already, and she's not 3 yet. Yikes!

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