Tuesday, December 2

FOs, UFOs and food...

Pink hat and scarf
Pink hat and scarf. Yes, it's really rather tricky to photograph yourself, hence the odd expression. This was some yarn I gained on a destash night. I don't know why it's taken me so long to make the matching hat (it would have been longer, but I ran out of yarn). Love the colour!

Autumn flare skirt
Autumn flare skirt - now onto the 11th flare.

Music hat 1
Music hat side 1

Music hat 2
Music hat side 2 - looks a bit odd, because the black is 3ply and the white is 4ply.

chicken hot pot
Completely not knitting-related - sunday's chicken hot-pot, a WW recipe. Lovely! The rest is going to be finished tonight.

Sewing course is finished now for the year. I think the tutor was taken aback that I wanted to construct the toile properly and completely, ie follow the pattern correctly. But I have made a few silly mistakes already, so I think it is a worthwile exercise. If I was an experienced dressmaker, I probably wouldn't go this far, but I think being a beginner, it's a useful exercise. I found out what bias binding is for, last night! Woohoo!

Anyway, apparently I'm a kinaesthetic learner (learns by doing). We had to fill out some daft questionnaire. One of the students is that desperate to have her skirt before xmas, that I suspect the tutor will be finishing it. Not quite sure what the learner hopes to gain from that, missing the point somewhat methinks? I might badger Mum to help me with mine, if there's time, but I shall still be doing it myself!

I never understand students that get upset if things don't go perfectly right first time - that is what the learning process is all about. You wouldn't expect to be able to drive a car just by getting into the driving seat the first time. And I still make cock-ups with the machine knitting, despite 3-4 years at it now.

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