Thursday, March 12

Biding my time, drinking her wine

Did you ever find yourself in one of those situations, that, whatever you said, it'd be misconstrued, and you'd be the bad guy, no matter what? I'm biting my tongue today, keeping schtum, as it were, and for a rapacious Aries that's darned hard, let me tell you!

The first sleeve of the Blusa Queen is romping along, I'm about to join the motifs. I charted out the join this time, far easier than ripping it 5 times because it's not symmetrical. It's 8 loops to 12 trebles (or 11 spaces) so doesn't divide well. Think I found a happy medium, though. This crochet is addictive like crack. I worked on it for two hours Tuesday night, whilst the Cog pointedly put on his "needs-a-zip-then-it's finished" cardigan and harrumphed. Yeah, yeah, two bands of 11st by 200+ rows just isn't calling to me, ya know (even on the machine)? It'll get done eventually - I bought the zip two weeks ago.

Having written a 6 page "Crash Course in Machine Knitting", I'm wondering whether it would be worth offering it as a PDF for download, for a small fee. What do you think? Any takers? Most MK books are out-of-print now, alas.

We had a great spinning workshop last night (see pic of me, looking dark and mysterious). Claire brought her beautiful spindles - my output was rather less pretty, being either laceweight or lumpy DK. We got an interested bystander, a Scot, having a go eventually. Makes a nice change from the usual drunks and blokes trying to score that we usually attract. We knitters often get approached, despite being armed with pointy sticks and hooks. Do people have no concern for their own safety?!

I've the nice job of helping man the "Relax and Knit" UKHandknitting Association stand at the NEC tomorrow and Sunday. If you're at the show, come say hello!


Lise said...

Har. Being an Aries as well, I admire your self-restraint. I'm not good at that.

And I would LOVE a knitting book. I only have one knitting course book which is OK, but doesn't deal with the ribber at all. I like to have gazillions of books.

Anonymous said...

definitely put the book up - please don't be too expensive :) but I would get it! Have a great weekend. I loved your short rowing explanations! Just what I needed! Thanks!!