Thursday, April 2

Aries birthday swap package arrives!

I picked up my birthday swap package this morning! I was a last-minute stand-in, poor old Acurt on Ravelry only got two days notice, and seeing as she is in New Zealand, there wasn't much hope she'd get me a package in time! But no problem - packages are nice whenever they arrive!

Firstly, the package was wrapped in paper with kiwis all over it! So cute!


Inside, there was a hand-made lavender sachet, two balls of NZ alpaca, two balls of baby merino, a skein of Acurt's own hand-spun and hand-dyed yarn, white chocolate and strawberry licquorice logs, two white chocolate eggs, some white choc mocha latte sachets, some merino lanolin hand cream, a dinky little pencil with a sheep on top, a sheep card, a postcard from her town and a book from Amazon (on the way). Also, a book of pictures from an exhibition Acurt was involved in with three friends. It was all beautifully wrapped and packed with carded fleece.


I love the package, thankyou very much! And those licquorice logs are in extreme danger of not even making it home from work! :)

I have booked Friday afternoon off, because I am out all weekend and won't have time to shop (at least, not for non-yarn related stuff), to get some things together for Acurt's package.

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