Monday, May 18

Weaving and frustration

Remember this? Nearly broke my sewing machine trying to apply the zip? Well, the owner tumble-dried it this weekend. I have constantly told him not to tumble-dry wool, but it's like talking to the cat (oh, he also did three pairs of my handmade socks). He's an intelligent guy, but he has some kind of mental block when it comes to laundry instructions. I should make him knit the next one (or only ever make him things in acrylic). What with that, and him ripping a big L-shaped hole in the bedroom's net curtain (by shutting it in the window), a curtain which is made from fabric Dunelm no longer carry? I have bought eighteen quid's worth of net to replace it, now I just need to find the time to make new curtains. He is persona non grata at the moment. Gah!

Finally got a pic of my first attempt at weaving. It's rather nice, but the warp could have been thicker. Not sure what I shall do with it yet.

Current mood: annoyed

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