Sunday, June 14

One more gadget, have reached overflow!

Popped down to a small village near Milton Keynes today to pick up a 4 shaft loom, courtesy of the Loom Exchange. I've been stalking this website for some time, but all the looms were too far away to go pick up in a day, and these babies are big! Certainly glad we didn't take the Ka to go pick it up. The owner was also an engineer so we had an interesting discussion over proper coffee (which made up for the hasty breakfast I'd slung together).

Bought two lengths of material on the market, to make two summer skirts. Didn't read the pattern correctly and didn't cut enough pieces out - I wondered why I couldn't make the notches match up on the frill. Duh! Ripped some small holes trying to get the pieces apart, might have to start again, hoping there's enough material left!

Knitted in public in Coventry on Saturday, and apart from the Cog (not a knitter!) nobody joined me! Sulk! Oh well, I "did my bit".

Friday I went with a friend to the Lace Guild's museum, we got to see lots of lovely examples of torchon lace. Can't post pictures here for copyright reasons. Popped to the Red Cone Glass factory too, but it was empty because they were gearing up for a big open day. Bought a nice heart-shaped paperweight.

Row 80 of second sleeve (cast on on Friday). I think I might be speeding up! Determined to finish a few things before I go careering off onto new pastures. She sez!

Photos of loom etc tomorrow, it's too late to start unloading cameras...

Current mood: happy

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