Saturday, June 27

Woolfest 09

Picture 103
The tent is up and it's time for tea

Picture 106
Impromptu spin and knit-in at the campsite - there was an official one in the BnB that was £2.50 a head, I don't think anybody wanted to pay though!

Picture 108
Friday dawns - a perfect day

Picture 110
This fellow was camera-shy

Picture 112
Seating being at a premium inside, we sat up by the car park for lunch

Picture 113
Rare breeds demonstration. There was some head-butting going on (the sheep, not the owners)

Picture 114
Not sure which stand this was - First4yarn or Fun to Knit - they had lots of scrummy Colinette!

Picture 115

Picture 116
Fleece sale area

Picture 119
Picture 120
Spin-in - never seen so many spinning wheels in the same place at once

Picture 122
My haul - two skeins of Fyberspates sock yarn, one skein of Colinette Jitterbug, a DPN case that will serve well for lace bobbins, a knitted sheep, a sheep bum-bag that needs some modifications, some sari silk ribbon and a book about weaving. Also bought 2nd heddle kit, 2nd heddle and reed for table loom, not shown.

General verdict? An excellent day - not sure I would need two days unless I was on one of the day-long workshops. There was not enough seating at all at peak times, so we ended up sitting on the hill overlooking the venue. There was supposed to be seating in the Blogger's Corner/Kindred Knitters area, but it seemed to be full of stalls.

The campsite was great, but had the shower/toilet and washing-up sink all in one unit (there were two) so there was a major queue for showers this morning - luckily I had one the night before!

Cockermouth seemed like a nice little town. By the time we made it into town (8pm), nobody would serve us food, so we ended up with fish n' chips outside the church. Oh well, their loss!

The weather was pretty good all day on Friday, not that it mattered as we were indoors for most of it. An excellent show, and I almost crossed over to the dark side (spinning) - but I KNOW I'd HAVE to get a spinning wheel if I did.

Worked on Blusa Queen and Kimi alternately to give arm muscles a rest.

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