Friday, July 3

Blusa continues

The UK is having a bit of a heatwave at the moment. The weather was nice last Friday, but gradually got more and more close throughout the week, and no showers to freshen up. Just making sandwiches brought me out in a sweat! The house seems to be retaining the heat, it was actually quite pleasant sitting out on the patio last night at about 10pm. Seems to have broken today with some showers. I have found myself longing for snow, aren't I ungrateful?! :)

I have bought ingredients to make some low-fat ice-creams tonight. I might try honey and peppermint varieties (assuming we have some peppermint!).

Because it's been so hot, working with wool has been out of the question, although the bamboo is not too bad to knit with. So I have made serious inroads on the Blusa Queen cardigan. I finished the second sleeve last night, and joined up one half of the cardigan with a zigzag chain stitch, and now I am working on the ruffled cuff. I am working it in the round. I should get a big chunk of it done this weekend, as I am going to be sitting in a tent at the Coventry Godiva festival (annual free festival) all weekend, promoting the Coventry Knit Wits. Debating whether to take my knitting machine - it's a lot of hassle, and it's not really representative of the group's activities anyway. I might just pack a hodge-podge of kit and yarn and make more pieces for the patchwork blanket.

I made a drawstring bag for our picnic kit yesterday, from leftover skirt material - I just made it up as I went along, and it came out really well. I pinched the cord and toggle from the old bag, as it was falling apart anyway. I'm trying to track down two plastic mugs for camping and then we're all set. I think a trip to Jackson's of Old Arley might do the trick, they seem to have mugs on their website anyway.

Tomorrow is the last weekend I've definitely got something fibre-related going on. Might take a trip up to Ruddingtons, but that's about it for now. Maybe I will finally have time to get to grips with the CSM ribber?

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