Tuesday, August 25


Will blog about Fibrefest when I remember to unload the camera. Suffice to say, Fibrefest was great. My only problems came from my own lack of planning and poor sense of geography/distance. The M5 becomes a carpark most weekends during the summer - I had forgotten this, as I haven't been to Wales/Devon for quite some time. Took us five horrid hours to get there, so I only had time for my CSM class and a quick dash around everything else. So, no yarn was purchased (like I need any more, anyway!). Only took 3 hours to get home, and we stopped off at Glasto for a curry on the way back.

Next time I'll plan it properly and probably book a hotel down there. I had planned to sit down and think about it, but ran out of time with work commitments.

More to come!

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