Tuesday, August 11

FO and errata: Blusa Queen

Blusa queen

Original pattern here

Well, despite getting the pattern translated for me (thanks Wolf!) it's full of mistakes anyway - probably far better to just refer to the charts and work it out yourself.

Yarn: Clea from Yarnstick (Ebay) - luckily I got three balls, because two wasn't enough.


1. The motifs are not correct for the first four rounds - adjusted that for the sleeves
2. Continued to increase on the sleeves above the line of motifs, as otherwise they would never have been big enough
3. Added a further repeat of the pineapple pattern on both fronts so that they covered more of me :) In hindsight, I should have held the motif strip around me and added more motifs, and made the whole thing wider. Ah well!


The motifs are incorrect as charted:

Ch6, join in a circle
R1: Ch5, (1dc, 2ch) 7 times, ss into 3rd st of ch5 to close (= 8 "spokes")
R2: Ch5, 1dc, 1ch into same space, *1dc, 2ch, 1dc, 1ch into next space, rep from * to end, ss into 3rd ch of ch5 to close
R3: 3ch, 1dc in same ch space, *1dc into top of dc, 2dc into ch space, rep. from * to end, 1dc into last dc, ss into 3ch to close.
R4: Continue as charted.

All in all, an interesting and challenging item to make. I'm tempted to make a freeform shawl with the remaining cotton (lots of different squares etc joined as I go). We shall see!

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