Tuesday, September 29

Acquisition Fever

So, I'm still working my way through the Torquay stuff. Started putting it up on Ravelry on Sunday night.

I swear I could have sold the yarn twisters at least twice already. I think they're all sold now. The other stuff is not going as quickly as I thought it might, and although I've had 30-odd views of the ad for the Brother KH260/KR260, so far no bids! I hesitate to advertise on here normally, but heck, this is MY blog! Go take a look - if you are in the Midlands area and fancy a punchcard knitting machine that knits most handknitting yarns, plus a matching ribber, I'm asking a reasonable donation for charity, and I'm open to offers (I might even agree to meet you at a motorway services, like some kind of spy, with a knitting machine!)

Brother KH260/KR260

Misc bits

The items will go up on Newbritknitbargains next week if not already sold, and then on Ebay the week after.

I'd half a mind to spend Sunday sorting through the whole lot - I think it's mostly there, but all mixed up and in the wrong boxes. However, the Cog needed help in replacing the coving that came down when he flooded the bathroom, and then he wanted to go to Brum to show me all the shirts he won't buy, ever. He did buy a few, eventually. Couple that with sleeping in 'til 10am, and hangover-induced, ahem, stomach trouble, I wasn't in the best moods and feeling quite delicate. Got back around 5.45pm, and managed to snatch the last few hours of daylight on the front lawn with a large picnic rug, and found 99% of the Brother chunky machine and ribber. Missing the stitch scales and a bodkin - as the owner didn't have the KL116 knitleader, I suspect she might have traded the scales with somebody else. No worries, I'll get them photocopied.

I still need to sort out the standard machine - a pristine Silver SK280 punchcard and matching SRP50 ribber - I suspect the owner had an older punchcard machine, because I seem to have more manuals and carriages than machines, but I'm not so well-informed about the history of Knitmaster.

Last night I only really had time to quickly check the condition of all the spongebars - only the chunkies need replacing - and grab a box of books to look through in bed. I'm slowing making a spreadsheet of everything, just so that I can keep track of where it's been advertised, what it is, and who bought it. Looking through the box of books, I was thinking, "Have I got this book? Can I buy it?" and then, "Dammit I need to get more organised and inventory my own library". Ahem. Yes, I've plans to get the knitting room better organised - lots of bookshelves, so that the craft stuff is all in one place, and possibly some kind of racking system so I can have all four japanese machines mounted and ready for action at any time. Not much can be done with the passap, it's too heavy and has its own stand, but my friend Pat Banyard-Smith has an ingenious shelving system that I'd like to copy. Although, that would mean the room is permanently dedicated to machine knitting. I could do with a better filing system, too. Heck, I could do with a bigger room, really.

Heh. Who am I kidding? The Cog has hardly set foot in his own spare bedroom for months, except to load/unload the tumble drier, or open a window. The room is, to all intents and purposes, mine. Whoops!

Currently working my way through Kathleen Kinder's very interesting history of knitting machines, from her book "A Resource Book for Machine Knitters". Oh, and plodding ever onward with the slip stitch crochet top and the Kimi cardigan.

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