Friday, September 11

Maths hassles and some updates...

Crafting progress has slowed somewhat this summer. This is partly due to being away a lot, but that can't completely take the blame (I only take small portable projects on flights, it's easier!).

The slip stitch crochet top is stalled because I need to pick up a weird no of stitches along the edge. I already made the size I thought would suit, and it was too big, so I have partly frogged it. I used my chunky knitting machine to pick up the weird no of stitches, because it's far easier than trying to do the maths. Doesn't help that there is no schematic for the garment.

The Kimi wrap is edging along slowly - I think I've done most of the first front apart from the neck shaping, and then I need to make the other front, two sleeves, and two ties.

The crochet shawl I started with the left-over Clea cotton is stalled, because I've leant my crochet hook to Julie - to be honest, I always envisioned it as a background project anyway, and when I realised how small the motifs are coming out it's going to take even longer than I thought, so I'm not in any hurry for my hook back.

I made a CSM tube and am gradually making it into an afterthought sock, but it requires concentration and I seem distracted and unfocused at the moment. I finished the second Easy Passap sock on Monday, despite wrecking a stripper, so that just needs sewing up now. Hopefully using a mix of orange and blue stripper won't have affected the tension too much, haven't held it up against the first one!

What else? Oh I've tons of little bits and pieces to sew onto the fancy yarns afghan. That's a sitting in front of the TV job and the blanket's so big now it's not a summer job unless I want to sit there semi-naked! :) The nights are definitely drawing in here and it's turning into a beautiful autumn.

The replacement jumper for he-who-shall-not-be-named-who-tumble-dries-wool only has a back, so far. Luckily I have a pattern and notes for what I was doing otherwise I'd have to start again.

Despite all this stuff being in progress, I still find myself wanting to work on sewing projects or getting to grips with the weaving loom. Perhaps that's the cause of the unfocus? Too many things to finish?

Bit grumpy today 'cause the Cog is off to Italy to watch the Grand Prix and I didn't fancy it. Mind you, the weather report for Italy looks duff! Hoping to have a quiet weekend in and catch up with some things.

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