Sunday, September 27


Got a call a few weeks ago from a chap whose mother had some machine knitting stuff he needs to repatriate (she passed away; liver cancer).

I came away today, with a car full of 3 kms plus ribbers, 3 wool winders, tons of books and gadgets. And yarn. I feel like I hit the machine knitting motherlode!

Will be selling it off and sending the proceeds to Cancer Research/Macmillan nurses.

There’s a fine gauge machine in there, plus accessories. Talk me out of it folks, do I really NEED another machine?! :/ It’s a Silver, too, so still current.

And why is it, when you get more than one machine in the house, they BREED? I now have, um… NINE machines on this property. NOT counting the CSM.

Yikes! Believe it or not, I live in a smallish 3 bed detached house with garage. Not a castle, as one Raveller intimated at one point! (think I was eyeing up an industrial Raschel machine?) :) I’ve already taken over the entire front bedroom - guests now have to sleep on the sofa/camp out in the back garden - and it looks as if my hobby is well on the way to conquering the garage too now! Heaven help the downstairs loo, that will be next I fear! :)

Wonder if I can talk the Cog into building a conservatory?!

I just gave away two big bags of industrial thickness cones, too. Now there’s more of them! They are taking over, I tell you! :)

I need to sort through it and make a proper inventory. It all looks to be there, but in the wrong boxes (the owner seems to have despised ribber boxes for some reason).

If anyone wants me, I’ll probably be face down in a bag of yarn behind the sofa. Oh yes, it’s in the living room right now! :)

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Anonymous said...

you have a circular sock machine, and now a fine gauge?

i'd think I had died and gone to heaven.

don't sell the fine gauge, you don't have one, you owe it to yourself to have one of every gauge!

trust me, I know I'm right on this