Monday, October 12

Checking in

Yeah, still breathing, been so busy both at work and at home lately that I've hardly had time to sit down, let alone blog!

Ally Pally was excellent - great building, free shuttle bus to the tube, lots of nice stands. Spent far too much on some Sirdar Crofter (think self-patterning sock yarn but DK), some knitting needle cases from Della Q, some Harmony Knitpro tunisian hooks and two hair slides with Colinette yarn ends decorating them. Took two pics inside the great hall - it's such a lovely building - haven't had a chance to unload the camera yet. There were three halls and a knitted boat in the foyer (well, a coat for a boat - it's seaworthy). Skipped the exhibition side of it, that kind of thing leaves me cold and I find it all a bit pretentious, there were a few gorgeous quilts though. Managed to see most stands I wanted to see - think I may have missed Loop though. Ah well, can't see it all!

Skipped off about 2pm ish and met up with the Cog on Oxford St, had a wander around Green Park and then went out for chinese buffet and Tigertailz at the Borderline, who, 20 years on, are still kick ass. Got back home, pretty shattered, midday Sunday.

Got zip for the Cog's troublesome navy jumper - might take it to college tomorrow and set it in then, seeing as I will need the teacher's help in reducing the waist on the skirt I'm making and it might take a while for her to get around to me. Working in Holland again for the latter part of the week so all MK is off limits - still slogging along with Tori. Assuming I get back at a decent time Friday night I'll be at the Long Buckby day on sat, demonstrating socks.

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