Monday, November 23

So long to the old chugger...

Picked up a newer garter carriage and sold the old KG88 (old chugger) for spares. The new one is a KG93, which means it runs on the 950i without extra rails. Which means I won't be able to do garter stitch on the poor old KH836 anymore. Hadn't thought of that. Ah well, it's still a good demo machine, and it'll always work, even in a powercut, haha! Didn't get a box for the new carriage so will have to make something up, because I need something safe to store it in when it's not in use.

Haven't tried the automatic cast on/cast off functions, and not sure I ever will - seems like too much hassle if it goes wrong. Anyway - I feel the need to do some swatching and get cracking with a garter carriage pattern I bought yonks ago at Nottingham Show. If I can remember where I've filed it!

Almost bid on a Superba but didn't - if it had been local as I thought, I'd've snapped it up, but it was down south somewhere. And I really don't need any more machines - I've gained three this year as it is!

Dropped off the yarn from the estate sale to Mary H from the KCGuild yesterday, a pleasant enough drive up to Castle Donington. Couldn't sell the misc. mk bits to my local "dealer", so have started to ebay them - my username is steelbreeze23. Any reader in the UK want a YC5 colour changer and some masts? Need to figure out how I can make a box for the masts, before I can weigh it and put it online.

Made a secret project over the weekend and am sewing it up, Pic next week - don't get too excited, it's nothing much.

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