Thursday, December 31

Last post...

...of the noughties decade, that is!

Hoping your christmas went ok. The Cog's folks have chipped in to get me a special light for putting over the knitting machine - alas, it hasn't arrived yet. The Cog himself got me a lovely BHS tunic with waterfall collar (ok so I chose it personally, but he wouldn't let me have it early!), and Parallels Desktop so that I can run PC programs on my Mac. Only got that working yesterday, as I had to order a copy of Windows XP to go with it (I don't do no steenking Vista! Too crashy crashy!). Also bought all three copies of Knitware - if you haven't tried this software yet, what are you waiting for? It calculates a range of garments from a simple tension swatch, and it works for hand-knitting and crochet too!

Other top presents? A bottle of Malibu (cheers sis!), some M&S vouchers, some Lush bath bombs, and an Eddie Izzard DVD. And some damson wine (thanks Mum!) which did not make it past the 27th, haha!

Xmas day was spent with the Cog's folks - I came second in the game of Life, which was a surprise as I was last throughout. Boxing day we were at my sister's, eating way too much naughty food. The rest of the week I've been knitting on and off, and getting my entire music collection onto Itunes and organised properly. The Cog and I are having a private rock disco tonight (complete with disco lights!) to see the new year in. Oh, and there'll be some pink fizz, too, haha! I think we're down to the last mince pie, and all of the naughty food has been dispatched - the spirits take longer to dispose of - quite looking forward to getting back to a normal diet now.

So I guess it's traditional to make some resolutions this time of year. I'm terrible at remembering them, let alone achieving them! :)

I want to continue the weight loss I started in September (ok, so this week doesn't count, 'kay?!) so that I don't keep having to make large jumpers to fit my bazookas. I want to have a go at making a round-yoked sweater, either on the machine or by hand, possibly using the EZ formula. I want to do more on the Passap machine, I want to get my knitting room redecorated and properly organised, so that it stops looking like an explosion in a yarn factory, and I want to get cracking with more dressmaking/designing/weaving/CSM-ing.

Enough, already, ya think?! I also want to get back into music, either with the violin or the guitar, because it's rather fallen by the wayside this year, even though the acoustic guitar's been hanging around the living room for forever.

Right, well, I'm off. The Cog is making home-made pizza tonight (using up the last of the cheese!) and it's just started to snow. Best wishes to you and yours, and here's to an excellent New Year!

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Fran said...

Happy New Year from Canada,is your light one of those magnifying lights ? I have one for my km and LOVE it.