Tuesday, December 8

Onwards into the breech...

Well, we're now descending into the crazytime that is Christmas, and despite my looking longingly at the machines, very little is getting done on them. The only machine-knitting related thing I did last week was craft a box for the new garter carriage out of a cut-down office supplies box, and buy some reinforced rails from a local friend who sells MK stuff.

Last weekend was taken up with errands and xmas/food shopping. It's not that I mind Christmas, but part of me finds it disruptive. Can't find anything in the supermarket because it's been moved to accommodate vats of goosefat (yuck!) and massive queues in any shop that might sell something that could conceivably be given as a present to someone. Felt quite sorry for the chaps in Specsavers last week, they looked so bored - glasses is one of those things you have to buy yourself, really! Might treat myself to a new pair soon, as the ones I currently wear got sat on by the other half after only three weeks. Yes, I guess I shouldn't have left them on the car seat, but equally, he should watch where he puts his butt!

I received a 72 cylinder with matching ribber this morning, courtesy of Dennis, who sold me my original refurbished CSM (I'm drawing up some transfers for him). Not sure I'm brave enough to swap cylinders out yet, something for the future methinks.

Continuing apace on the earflap hat and the Rowan Kimi. I think the hat might be a longish one (judging by various comments on Ravelry) as it's 17 cm from brim to start of decreases. We shall see. Plenty of yarn, either way. Think I blew a co-worker's mind when I mentioned that the hand-dyed, hand-spun merino I was using, cost me £20 for the 135g skein. Hey, I wouldn't knit a hat that expensive for anyone else unless it was my beloved! She clearly thought it was a ridiculous price. Well, some folks know the price of everything, and the value of nothing. You can blame slave labour for that.

I might even get some wrist-warmers out of the yarn yet, you never know!

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