Friday, February 12

The definition of irony

1. Getting two big trash bags of yet more yarn, having just donated two car loads late last year
2. Realising that some of it is yarn you donated to the local machine knitting class about 18 months ago.

Greg thinks it is hilarious!

I swear this stuff just seeks me out!

Unaccountably grumpy at the moment. Nearly finished the (incredibly loud) back of Armelle - the fronts and sleeves will be easier and less prone to tangled yarn. Made a monster sock from the "50 cent sock" instructions - the calculations don't work out correctly for thicker yarn. Either that, or my row gauge is off. Not enough for the second sock anyway. I think it wants to be a hat!

Have worked out dimensions for the chenille throw for Ravelympics - making a single bed size and will see how much yarn is left. Also going to try and unwind the disastrous rowan Kimi, and finish a few WIPs. I have 14 days, but also 10 days at the office. We shall see!

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Lynne said...

I have a machine knitting friend that finds yarn left on her porch on a regular basis. She's got health issue and rarely knits any more. She does come to our MK group now and then. She brings yarn and grumps about why people keep leaving it on her porch. We find it funny and wish we were on that list, but I sure could see how it would get annoying after a while.