Thursday, February 4

I wandered, mojo-less, as a cloud...

..that floats, and tangles, and comes up with the wrong number of stitches.

Yes, I made it up the the armholes in my Colinette 4 colour intarsia. Done some raglan decreases, and still too many stitches. Think I must have mis-counted about 20 rows back. Thought it looked a bit short for a back.

So, some ripping is required. Maybe tonight - discovered the fault at 20:45 and was in no mood to start ripping then! :)

Must crack on with the second MK white cardi, too, and clear the UFO list. It's getting out of hand, and yet I'm still hankering on starting new projects! Fighting my Aries-ness is hard! :)

Oh, I must remember to take a photo of my belated xmas present from the Cog's family - a long, snakey overhead light, which is perfect for my knitting machine. It was delayed because the Cog's older brother managed to order it online from a company that had folded three years earlier. Luckily he finally got it all sorted out, and I have my wonderful lamp. Thanks, guys!

Busy weekend coming up - trip to Metropolitan on Saturday with a friend, I've a shopping list all ready - and then some family things which will keep me away from the machines most of the weekend.

Oh, I have booked myself on their Dream Week again, too. It was such fun, and I've not been spending my money much lately, so I have savings to dib into (although they don't want the balance until June anyhoo - let's hope I don't spend it beforehand, haha!). Might also do a Passap week, camping, if money allows - will be the summer one if so, but then I'm running quite low on holiday to share with my beloved. B&Bs/hotels really put the cost up.

Hmmm. Knitting holidays, or holidays with the Cog? It's a toughie! :D

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