Friday, March 26

Knitter's black hole

I've rediscovered that strangest of all knitting phenomenon - the knitter's black hole. I have to knit a sleeve until it's 47 cm long before I can start the raglan shaping. Seems that I can knit as many rows as I like, but it will not get any longer. I suspect it'll do this for a few hours, and then suddenly be too long and need to be ripped.

I've made the first sleeve for the Cog's ribbed jumper. It was hard work. After a while the weights were doing nothing for the central stitches, so I resorted to a firm pull downwards and some edge weights. It mostly went without a hitch. Not sure I fancy making another ribbed garment, though - it's hard work increasing.

I keep getting somebody trying to post spam links in Chinese. I ran today's through a translator. Thanks, but no thanks. The fact that the comments are moderated and involve captchas should give it away, really. This isn't a platform for your marketing, so please go elsewhere!


Melanie said...

I just love getting comments when people read my blog, so I'm being polite and letting you know I've read yours! I've had that problem with my knitting (not at the moment, thanks to my RSI), where I'll knit and knit and measure and measure and it gets nowhere, but suddenly POOF there's an extra 10cm that I don't need! (Oh, and I've had that Chinese spam thing too, incredibly annoying!)

TracyKM said...

I'd really like a ribbed sweater. Can you tell me more about what's hard about it...keep in mind I'm still pretty new at this!