Monday, March 22

Sale madness

Yes, Andeeknits had a two-day crazy sale this weekend. I hadn't planned on going, as the Cog was taking me to Birmingham for the weekend (it's my birthday tomorrow when I am ahem-ty hem years old).

But the morning dawned wet n' 'orrible - and I sat up in bed, and suddenly realized I had hoped to get Andrea to adjust my lace carriage so that it would stop dropping stitches, and that if I waited until she'd moved down to Dorset that would be rather more than a one hour drive!

So I nipped down there and left the Cog to deal with the laundry basket. The weather brightened up gradually. I bought a cone of burgundy acrylic, some Japanese pattern books, a PPD110 for the 950i machine, an intarsia brake and some ribber covers. I nearly turned around and drove back to ask her if she had any powerknit motors, but decided I'd spent enough this month already. And I can't let technology take ALL the fun out of knitting, can I?

Apparently she had a lady called who asked for a long list of stuff to be set aside (and who needs FIVE colour changers?), but she was firmly told in-person customers had priority, and all of a sudden she could find time to come down. Sheesh. The cheek of some people! It is suspected that this was somebody working for an Ebay trader who sells machines at as-new prices. Caveat emptor! You wouldn't expect to buy a 20 year old car at the original selling price, so why should machines be any different?

The Cog has been measured up for a jumper, I just need time (and inclination) to work the pattern out on Knitware. Didn't sleep great on Saturday - since the hotel hygiene scandal a few months back, seems Ibis have replaced all their beds with a flat platform and a thin (4") mattress. Probably fine if you're there a few nights and can acclimatize. Not great for a one night stay. So I got cracking on some hand-knitting this weekend - finished both fronts and the back of Armelle, just need to dig out more yarn and make some (non-intarsia) sleeves. Then just some bands to knit.

Also been making some crochet squares for a secret project. All to be revealed, later.

The Birmingham birthday trip went ok - the Cog bought me a new sports bra, a floaty top and a blue cardigan, all M&S. We had a lovely meal in the Chung Ying, and then went onto Eddie's Rock club. "The Bar" apparently played classic rock - apart from one track by Reef, I can honestly say I didn't recognize any of them. We hung on 'til gone 11 and then gave up. What a pity.


Jemajo said...

Happy Birthday!
I love your comment about not expecting to buy a 20 year old car for the "as new" price!
Hope you have a lovely day.

Dee Pettipher said...

glad too hear you had an eventfull time hope to see you next week