Thursday, April 1

Finished: Armelle

Ok so it needs a plain button (I'm thinking clear or silver) but other than that, it's finished, and very cosy. Will post a pic when I have one. I'm also subtitling it "One hour in Banwy" and "Lost in Colinette".

I've acquired a newer knitting machine, a KH881, which has a built-in knitleader. It needs a good clean-up and oiling, but other than that (and a new sponge bar) it looks in pretty good nick. Means I can pass the KH836 onto a blind friend, might be more successful than the one-armed-bandit that is the KH710 (an early pushbutton knitting machine).

I need to tackle the nemesis that is the Rowan bamboo tape and make something useful out of it - right now I've cast on for a pair of fingerless gloves, which should be a quick and easy project. Rather obscure instructions in the pattern I'm using - good job I know what they actually mean!

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