Monday, April 26

In progress: Eve's rib tunic

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Yep, the observant among you will notice this is the THIRD item I've made with the James C Brett Marble Chunky.

Somebody made an offhand remark on Wednesday night, and now I'm wondering if it's too loud. I asked the Cog what he thought, and he started laughing. "You're asking me? Mr Black Jeans, Black T-shirt? I've only recently started wearing blue jeans!". When questioned further, he said it was a little loud for him, but perfectly normal for me. Threw it across the floor in disgust.

I give up. I don't know what this yarn wants to BE. Kudos to JB though, for making it fairly froggable.

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Cindy/KS said...

I think it looks adorable! And I am not one who likes to wear lots of color for myself. But I don't think you should let someone else tell you that your choice isn't a good one. They're probably just jealous!