Friday, May 7


Christina taught me to knit backwards, and to knit in the continental style (yarn held in left hand) on Wednesday night. Kudos to her! 80 rows of 10sts is very time-consuming the ordinary way. I also had a go at "knooking" - knitting with a crochet hook - which was kind of interesting. Not sure I'd use it much unless it was an emergency "haven't got knitting needles" situation - easy to swap to crochet/Tunisian/knitting with that method though, so it may have some applications I suppose!

Did my civic duty first thing yesterday. Avoiding the tv until at least Friday pm - it's all just waffle and conjecture until the last vote is counted.

To those of you who couldn't be bothered to vote - shame on you! And to those of you who were still queueing at 10pm? 4 weeks notice and 15 hours to do it in? You need better planning, methinks. Vote first thing, there's hardly anybody there, and in my case, you can even park! Having said that, if I could vote online, I would - that would be ideal!

Enough of the politics, this is a knitting blog...

Oh, and whoever keeps trying to add spam comments to my blog in Chinese - one, I do not speak Chinese and two, all comments are moderated and spam will be rejected. Haven't you got anything better to do with your time?!

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