Sunday, June 27

Free pattern: peg bag

One of the blogs I read inspired me to make this - I can't remember which one, so if it's you, leave a comment so I can give you credit!



Peg bag pattern

Yarn: any DK (I used peaches n cream worsted cotton)
Tension 18.5 sts by 29 rows to 10cm/4"
MT 4

Cast on 48 sts with waste yarn and knit a few rows.
Knit one row ravel cord
RC 000 K 101 rows
T10 K 1 row
T4 K 58 rows
Cast off centre 18 needles. Working on one side using partial knitting, knit 29 rows. Place these needles into hold, break yarn and work 29 rows on other half of the needles. Without breaking yarn, e-wrap around centre 18 needles. Knit all needles back into working position. Knit a further 14 rows.
Hang cast on edge onto needles. T10, knit across. Cast off using the latch tool.
Sew side seams amd weave in ends.

This peg bag is for hanging on a rotary washing line. If you want to insert a coat hanger, don't rehang 4 sts in the centre. Cast off as before, and use a small piece of yarn to cast off the remaining cast on stitches. Leave a gap in the seam near the cast off edge for the arms of the coat hanger.

I might add a loop and button closure at the top and bottom of the bag for when it's packed away. Will post a pic when I unload the camera..

thomas jun10

Gratuitous kitty shot. Thomas in repose - looks innocent, doesn't he? This was only a few hours after he'd taken a chunk out of a rival, mind...

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Amoonsinger said...

Wow, awesome. I hadn't seen anyone else do a machine knitted clothes pin bag. I did two bags for clothes pins early this year, and another to hold cleaning rags, only I used old metal clothes hangers to hang them with.

Thanks for showing yours.