Tuesday, June 8

Home again...

...and already I can feel my stress levels going through the roof. Same old same old at work, alas. I love my job, but I find the office environment very noisy to work in. Why do some people think everyone needs to hear their train of thought whilst they work? Perhaps I should speak out loud every single thing that I'm doing - I'm sure there'd soon be complaints!

Cinnabar is in the laundry bin, I'll try and block it tonight after tea. Katie, thanks for the comment - however, if you're expecting your knitting to look like Cinnabar you'll be disappointed, as it is crocheted not knitted. I find crochet far more portable (only one stitch and one hook to lose) and it grows much faster than knitting if you're doing all trebles.

To the spam commenters - I'm sorry you have nothing better to do, all comments on this blog have been moderated for some time, so good luck getting one through. Not! Someone also informed me that an Ebay seller is using a link to one of my passap videos to sell their passap. The cheek of these people is astounding!

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