Monday, June 21

How to get an interesting tan

Sit in the back garden for two hours working on some crochet, whilst wearing a crocheted cardigan (Cinnabar, in this case). Hey, it was 3pm by the time we got in from running various errands and visiting Cog's dad - I didn't think I'd need suntan lotion that late in the day! Owing to poor eyesight in full sun (cataracts) I have to have my back to the sun, otherwise the glare is unbearable, and squinting the bad eye shut causes a headache.

I now have a very interesting, triangular-shaped "rash" that is actually a sun tan on my upper back. Whoops! Yes, it made me laugh - might get the Cog to photograph it, but am hoping it'll fade! If you're a Star Trek fan, think Jadzia Dax, but swap brown for red. Ha.

In mk news, I spent most of Saturday at the guild AGM in Basingstoke. If any readers attended, I was the one in the black check skirt operating the mouse during Ruth Lee's talk. Mental note - reconfigure the mouse for single button operation (it's a macbook) for presentation purposes. You can tell, I rarely use the mouse - forgot I'd set it up to emulate a windows 2-button mouse. Duh!

Both talks were very interesting - alas, Ruth's was rather hard to see owing to a massive skylight in the main auditorium that could not be blacked out. Typical British weather - it can be relied upon to scupper even the best laid plans. I think Rugby was quite miserable on Saturday, but down south it was pretty sunny, alas! It also meant that Iris decided not to do the hands-on video workshop she'd planned, although by that time it had become a little duller. Might be worth the guild investing in a portable projector screen so that next time we can project where we want to, instead of being tied to the building layout.

There were some fantastic displays of work - a machine knitted jewellery box, complete with tiara, and some fabulous garments entered into the annual competition. I was very good and didn't gain any more stash for once. To be honest I was too busy dashing about and chatting to folks. The drive back was a little tedious, as the satnav always insists on using the M1 when travelling north, so took rather a big curve to get back onto the M40, which at least isn't being dug up at the moment.

Personally my machine knitting has rather stalled of late. I'm 80% through a blue hat, for the Passap layette I made a few weeks back, but I've mislaid it somewhere - it just needs sewing up. I need to make another arm for a ribbed jumper for the Cog - I'm not sure how much he's going to like it though, because it's going to be quite figure-hugging and he's more the hide-underneath-a-chunky-jumper sort. Whilst that arm is "in the way", I'm not feeling inspired to start anything new. Beware, dear reader - if you're going to make something, try and make ALL the pieces. Sewing up can always be done later, but going back to complete a garment after a break of 4 weeks? Hope you wrote your machine settings down, haha!

I've been on quite a crochet kick lately, which keeps me away from the machines and sat, somewhat reluctantly, either in front of a football match that sounds like a bucket of annoyed wasps, or on the bed, squinting at the portable. Discovered yesterday that I can watch the first part of a film upstairs, and then go downstairs and watch the rest of it (this is on a Windows media centre) - which is quite clever. I'm making Cameo in a smaller size, although in actual fact, the pattern is only written in three "circumferences", and it's the row count that changes. Suspect the Sirdar Juicy is a little too thick for the pattern, so will have to add some waist shaping unless I want my bust to look like a bedspread.

Plus, the weather has actually started to warm up and behave like summer - hence the stupid tan!

Shocked to discover that the UK's major craft superstore have a free "how to crochet" leaflet, with two incorrect diagrams. If you follow the text you'd be fine, but the pictures for double crochet (US=sc) are completely wrong. Need to pop in this week to pick up some fray check, so might see if I can snag the manager and have a word. No wonder it's such a black art if the UK's major craft chain can't be bothered to proof-read their literature! I have emailed them but had no response so far. Perhaps they're all watching the footie?

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Dee Pettipher said...

ha if you think your tan is bad should see my knees that was the only bit poking out of the swingy chair i was on on sat diony my knit in the afternoon too