Thursday, July 8

Happy blogiversary to me!

I actually missed this, because I was doing chores and relaxing on Sunday. On the 4th July this blog was five years old! So, happy blogiversary to me!

There have been a few times in the last few years when I've thought about making this blog members-only or private. Not that I post anything very personal here (I have a friends-only blog for that, although I hardly ever post to it). It's amazing how entrenched the "if you knit you must either be pregnant or a granny" attitude is, amongst the muggles, which is very sad. Nobody critiques an artist or a cook for doing something creative that pleases them.

Whatever. When I start caring what people think of me, I'll let ya know! I used to worry about such things, but I am happy and comfortable enough in myself now that I don't feel the need to conform to some artificial norm :)

On the last full ball of bamboo, so the end of Cameo is in sight, if I can just ignore the distractions of all the other UFOs hanging around the house!

Current mood: happy

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Dee Pettipher said...

here here who says knitting is not glamours ..........i agree with you jane
I LOVE knitting and im defo not an old granny....... .OR PREGNANT........LOL
your just fab the way you are love !!!!