Friday, July 23

Making up is hard to do...

Hoorah! Located the rest of G's jumper (stuffed it all into a big bag of swatches when I was having a tidy up). Couldn't remember the tension I'd used, and had written it down somewhere and lost it. Oops. Sleeve came out the right length (ie pretty similar to the other one). Result! Serves me right for not making them at the same time!

So, it needs a shoulder seam, a neckband, and then sewing up.

Got all the pieces of Nina Miklin's M64 casual wrap draped all over the passap - made a point of looking for the garment at Croydon on Saturday, so at least now I know how it goes together. It needs blocking/steaming, and I haven't felt much like that lately, what with the hot/muggy weather.

Making myself little lists of things to do and ticking them off gradually. Makes me feel like I'm getting somewhere!

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