Thursday, August 5


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When the most colourful thing in the picture is the boot of your own car, you know you'r enjoying yet another miserable British summer! This was the view from the tent at the weekend, went for a brief two-night camping trip with my sister and her kids. Had a fun day at Kingsbury Water park, where the weather went from this (cold enough to wear a fleece) to sunny (warm enough to apply suncream) and back, in the space of a few hours.

Took my Picovoli vest along to knit on, but didn't get much done; kids take a lot of attention. Apart from a minor accident with the stove where I nearly set light to the tent making pancakes, everything went ok.

Sewed up the Nina Miklin wrap on Tuesday, it took all night to sew up with the linker. I think it needs a good washing/steaming now to improve it. Tonight I want to sew up the shoulder on the Cog's brown jumper, so that I can finish the neckline and (a) free up the table for the Silver machine to be put up instead, and (b) get my best super-long circular needle back.

Need to make a packing list for Knitcamp next week - 2 knitting machines plus attendant paraphernalia; yarn; change of clothes. My free time during the week is limited to about 4 hours, and there is always so much to do that often I do not know where to start. I'm going to be busy most of this weekend, and I'm not sure when I'm getting back from Stirling next weekend. I was planning on coming back down on the Saturday, but it depends on whether I have more students to teach or not. The Cog wanted to go see the UK GNR tribute band at Nottingham next Saturday, and I was going to meet him on the way home, but I'm not sure that's possible now (it's a good 8 hour drive home). Oh well, I'm sure they'll come round again.

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