Sunday, September 5


Well, the car passed its MOT, but needs a few minor leaks fixing. Although I've booked that for the 16th, I might postpone it - this month is going to be expensive enough as it is, and the repairs should keep until next month.

The bikini is wet blocking in the bathroom on my home-made board. Fibreclaireuk and jemajo, I will photograph it, when I can get my camera in the same room as the bikini. And then unload it. haha. It would have been quicker to steam block it, but it's all acrylic and I was not sure the eyelash yarn would stand up to it, even if the main yarn did.

Have been dashing about for the last hour, tidying up and repatriating laundry - some of it had to come in late last night, still damp, so is in the tumble dryer. Serves me right for hoping the Cog would somehow spot it yesterday and put it out for me - I forget that blokes just aren't that observant/intuitive around the house. Got back from giving a lady a quick refresher course in machine knitting over in Nuneaton, to find the Cog snoring away on the sofa! Humph! Anybody remember that Yellow Pages ad, where a girl thinks a guy's house has been burgled, because he's so untidy? Well, our house seems to want to go in that direction sometimes. We're both hoarders and hobbyists and tend to leave a trail of clutter wherever we go.

Started to pack my bag for Dream week. It's pretty stuffed now. I was thinking, machine knitting events are the only events where one deliberately packs knitted clothing, despite the season. I know Metropolitan can be quite cold - it's a collection of units out in the countryside - so I'm hoping I'll get to wear at least one item. There's a tradition of photographing folks in their knits, you see, and you might end up on the "wall of fame" in the corridor. I still haven't finished redoing the bands on the Sirdar Crofter ballet cardigan - if I could figure out an accurate way of converting gauge back to knitting needle size it would have been done by now, but rehanging on the machine and reforming two or three rows to make garter stitch (it'd be on the Brother chunky so no garter carriage!) seems to have dropped right down the bottom of my "to do" list. Half tempted to pack it, some yarn, and some interchangeable needles and just handknit them. It would almost be quicker.

The unfortunate ribbed brown jumper is no more, it got frogged last night. The Cog admitted that, although it fitted (ignoring the monster arms, which could have been corrected), that it was just a little on the "fitted" side for him. Although this showed his muscles well - and he's been working out lately so he's looking good - he had to admit, he prefers a little mystery about his torso! :)

Right, well, I must get on, going for dinner at Mum's house.

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