Tuesday, September 21

The sound of muttering....

Yeah, got about 1 hour's sleep last night. Still incredibly angry and hurt about KC. Death of a friendship, too, I guess. I was warned, but I always try and see the best in people.

Hoping either caffeine or alcohol will wipe the bad feelings away. Not likely, but with the latter, at least it's fun trying!

Current mood: angry

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bunches of yarn said...

Oh dear! I just read with interest your recount of Knitting Camp. Also read Lucy N's. How horrible to put all effort, time, and goodwill...and not even a thank you.
I've always shunned 'contracts' but I see that it may be absolutely necessary to present your own. Yes, hindsight is wonderfull, but at what cost.
I must let you know that you and all tutors, in person or on line are much, much appreciated. Someone told me once that for everyone who says something in appreciation for your work, there are one hundred who do not...[they are shy, or think you are too much of a celebrity, or cannot express their greatfulness, etc.]
Be of good cheer. There are many of us who are very grateful for your work, effort, abilities, and patience. ^__^