Tuesday, October 5

FO: Passap neckwarmer

passap neckwarmer

Extraordinarily bad photograph - not only was it a bit dark in the bedroom, but with my other hand I was trying to keep the dratted cat out of the picture, who has been completely smitten with me since we got back from holiday. It's a neckwarmer - cast on at the neck edge in 1x1 rib, cast on for shoulders, and then gradually add in the empty needles, working from the outside edge towards the middle (so gradually become knit/knit or full needle rib). This is some kind of acrylic 4ply, a little thick for the stitch size I was using. I ran this up on Thursday night, when I had a spare hour.

Since I got back from Malta (yeah, still haven't uploaded the holiday pics), work's been very, very busy - so much so that, I haven't had the head-space to do much more than handknit when I get home. Couple that with the fact that the last few weeks nobody's really been keeping on top of the housework - Monday night is housework night, and for the last three weeks one or more of us has been on holiday - had to have a major declutter last night, and tackle a monstrous pile of ironing too. Still, have done an inventory of all my craft books and most of my mk patterns. Have filed a lot of stuff and have started a pile of stuff to put onto Ebay. I also did some swatches on Sunday, because the weather was miserable all day.

Since I got back I've been wondering what happened to the Galena top I was crocheting - forgot I popped it into a spare filing cabinet at work! :)

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