Monday, November 8

Bags of bags

I've been having a go at making bags lately. Seemed a nice change from garments that can have fitting problems.

So far I've made the following:


Take an old bag shopping (Knitwords 44)

This went ok, except I suspect two ends of cotton wasn't enough (and I didn't twist it, either). Love the tuck lace pattern, found the picking up of hems and picot hems a bit time consuming. Lots of ends to weave in, which is why it's only just been finished.



This is a great pattern if your knitting machine knits circularly. Alas, my SK840 does not like to knit in the round, without much help. I also made the handle way too short (I admit it - I couldn't face 200 passes of both P carriage and main carriages), but the bag came out really long and I wasn't sure I wanted to make it much longer. Looks thinner than it actually is. I'm wondering now if I haven't somehow got the machine mounted using Brother ribber brackets, not Knitmaster ones, seeing as I seem to have a spare pair of Knitmaster brackets hanging around.


Drop stitch mesh bag

This works ok too, although I think I would like to make it a little larger and longer next time. Made on the LK150. Hard work to drop stitches in Peaches and Cream cotton.


Simple bag (my own design)

This is a very simple eyelet bag made on the LK150. I will post the pattern when I've taken a photograph of it. Pattern now written up, with variations!

I'm tempted to design a few more, using elements from the ones I've already tried.

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