Thursday, November 4


The Knit Camp tutors fund has raised £4454 which has been split between the tutors in a way agreed between themselves. Many thanks to all who have been involved in making this happen. The tutors are very grateful for your generosity.

The money has gone some way towards relieving financial difficulties. Tutors are still owed a total of around twenty thousand pounds but your kind words and moral support have been more beneficial than you can possibly imagine. To know that we are appreciated by so many people is a great boost.


Finally finished the new neck on the Cog's jumper, just need to upload the photo. It looks a lot better. Completing the bands on the Noro Silk Garden cardigan, and will then need to add button bands and buttons. Trying desperately not to start any more projects, as I need to concentrate on xmas knitting now. We'll see how that goes! :) Anything I do knit for xmas will be a bonus - if I make the item the "main present" it's too much pressure and I find myself actually WANTING to clean the oven all of a sudden. Weird.

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