Monday, December 20

FO: Socks (Lang Jawolle)

Originally uploaded by steel breeze

Also for me, love the colours. Knitted on Passap E6000 and ribbed by hand.


Fibrebender said...

Have you thought about knitting the ribbing on the machine and the kitchenering them to the sock bottom? You would have a seam on the ribbing but at least it won't be as obvidous as knitting a flat sock. I've done this and it is faster than knitting ribbing by hand.

Carmen in North Carolina, USA

steel breeze said...

It's a thought - though, because the socks are toe up, the ribbing would be upside-down, which might be obviouus if there's a colour change in it :) I don't mind ribbing them by hand, it doesn't take that long.