Monday, January 31

Cable I'm amazed


This is part of a front knitted on the LK150. Cables are seperated by gutters (needles out of work). Missed the very small note indicating I should have latched these up by hand, will do the sleeves correctly. Did try latching up the gutters, but they were so tight as to be invisible on the right side.

The front and back are made from three pieces - a centre cable part, and a tuck stitch braid. Likewise the sleeves are also in three pieces. So far completed back, front and one sleeve cable section, and one tuck braid.

The pattern is a child's aran-style sweater from the Knitmaster Option 4 book.


Heather x said...

That looks like it's going to be a beautiful jumper babe, love the colour you have chosen.
I wouldn't worry about the latching up, it looks cool the way it is :)

*hugs* Heather x

Anonymous said...

This looks great. Really nice! When you say the front is done in three pieces does that mean you have three separate pieces that have to be seamed together? Are you working from a pattern or your own design. BTW - Loved the blue dress. That's my very favorite color. Susan