Sunday, January 2

FO: Gloves

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The first finished object of 2011 (I actually started them a few days ago). This is a sock yarn from Easyknits, and the pattern is an ancient one - Mariner no 1758.

I made some fingerless gloves last year with a modern version of this pattern (the stitch counts were identical). However, the pattern had been rewritten in such a way as to make it more complicated to understand, and the gloves it produced are kind of mishapen.

So this (vintage) pattern is now my fallback "old faithful" - and I usually use it to make fingerless gloves or mittens. This is the first time I ever made gloves from it - and they are a perfect fit! I don't actually have the original pattern, it was a photocopy I had since I was about 11, that had started to break up so I typed it up on an old typewriter. I wonder if I might find the original on ebay?! :)

Addendum: Woolly Thoughts has the pattern, off to get a proper copy!

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Heather x said...

These look great babe, love the bright colours :)
*hugs* Heather x