Thursday, February 17

Slowly does it...

Diagonal matrix: on round 21 of 25. Getting there slowly - would have finished last night, had I taken another ball of yarn to knitting club. Have also finished a cowl in a fancy yarn I picked up at Ally Pally last year - it's just awaiting the sewn bind off. If I'd bought two skeins it could have been a snood, but never mind.

Had a rather confused 'phone conversation with Mum earlier - "Are you going to the cathedral later?" "What for?" "The Knit-a-thon?" "Er... that's next month mum..." I plan on going to Manor House machine knitting club tonight, we are working on making our own body blocks. I may draw some up for sewing - I want a classic shift dress for work, but nothing I've tried on so far flatters me.

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