Thursday, April 7


I'm on row 96 of a 200 row short-rowed brim for a doll's hat. Been telling anyone that'd listen that I could have run this up in 30 minutes on a knitting machine. Until it occurred to me this morning, that knitting machines only ever put slip loops on the purl side. This pattern (I think it's called linen stitch) has all the slip loops on the knit side. Completely different look - it looks woven and is bumpier on the purl side. My mathematical mind has calculated that every row is worth 0.5%. I need to find out about knitting bobbles, for a handknitting class I am teaching on Monday night at the Coventry library. Not fond of bobbles myself, but each to his own. Trying to decide whether I ought to go to Wonderwool Wales. as I have been to two craft shows in the last two weeks already. I really ought to stay home, tackle some bobbles and do some machine knitting. Current mood: determined

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