Monday, April 4

FO: Easy MK fingerless mittens

Originally uploaded by steel breeze

Made these in about an hour on Saturday for his nibs. You make a simple straight piece of knitting, and then pick up stitches half way up the sides for the thumb. I'm reliably informed it was in the last Guild of Machine Knitter's newsletter, but as I have temporarily mislaid my copy, I cannot absolutely confirm that.

I refuse to make any more complex gloves for him indoors, as he has his own personal glove-shaped black hole and always loses one of them within a week. Plus, these are designed for typing in an unheated office.


Marytheknit said...

Elizabeth Zimmermann said you should always give mittens in three's as the owner was bound to lose one of them. Presumably the type where they could be worn on either hand.

Are yours tranferable or did you make an "opposing" pair?

steel breeze said...

They are reversible, yes. It's a good idea! :)