Wednesday, June 29


thomas jun10
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(this is an old pic) Thomas is not well, I don't think he's eaten since Sunday. He's moping about and seems lost, and if I offer him food he just starts vomiting up saliva :(
Vet could find nothing yesterday, taking him back tonight to get blood tests done and possibly an X-ray. He's only 10, too young to leave us yet! :'(


Jemajo said...

Sorry about Thomas - pets can't tell us what's wrong so it's hard to see them sick.
Any possibility that he ate something he shouldn't have last Sunday?
Like a dead mouse or some other type of feline deli?
Good luck with the tests!

Susan said...

I hope you don't get the same results from the xrays that we got for Floss last week.

I'll be thinking about you - I hope he's going to be OK.

mandycharlie said...

Poor Thomas, I hope he feels better very soon.

rett og vrang said...

Hoping everything will go well!