Thursday, July 14

Black strippers in the Black Country

Just a quick post to say I had a smashing meet-up with some fellow Passap machine knitters last night - W, M, J and P - at J's place, which is nose-bleedingly high up in the Black country (level with the Urals apparently). I just love the view out of her front door - although I don't envy her in the winter - had to leave my car parked in first gear to ensure it was still there when I came out again! That driveway looked to be 45 degrees!. Whoever said the Midlands was flat obviously never came to Dudley. I used to live about 10 minutes away at the bottom of the big hill, and I also lived about 20 minutes away in another direction on Charlemont Farm later on (sounds romantic, but it was a refurbished 60s towerblock!). Almost failed to recognise the big roundabout (M5, junction 2). It used to be a bleak island with just a Toys R Us, a Maccie Ds and a small powerstation - it's now got landscaping and a flag (not to mention a Holiday Inn!). The power station is still there but it's a lot harder to spot now.

Haven't been to that area in more than ten years, after a painful breakup with a control-freak dickhead boyfriend in 2000 - the relationship almost exactly coincided with my residence at the foot of Portway Hill. I'd forgotten how much I liked the whole area, because said dickhead got into some VERY pervy things after we broke up (for which I convinced myself I was somehow responsible) and I developed an unnatural fear of the entire area, which has absolutely nothing to do with anything. Felt just fine about it yesterday (if a little disoriented - my mental map of the area is 11 years out of date). So, a good few ghosts laid to rest yesterday. But anyway, I digress...

J made me a plate of sandwiches and a salad and we got on like a house on fire. She showed me her knitting "shed" - a lovely custom built room in the garden, so jealous! Then the others arrived and we had such a good time I didn't want to leave. W especially impressed me as due to some severe health problems he has a short-term memory problem - but the machine knitting keeps his mind turning. I've no doubt they'll all bring some lovely garments to show off next month. Looks like I'll be demonstrating my favourite passap sock pattern next month. It's such a pity I'm now a good 50 miles away on the 't'other side of the Midlands now. Ah well, ya can't have it all your own way! Might avoid having a coffee though - still buzzing when I got home and didn't sleep last night.

Right, that turned out to not be a very quick post. The bath calls me! G'night!

PS post title - Passaps use strippers, which are orange, black or blue. Yeh, machine knitting "in joke", sorry! :)

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