Sunday, July 3

Yarn counts and equivalents

Finally found five minutes to get me and the info in the same place. This is from my Uppingham's Yarn guide (they hand them out free).

Yarn count/ply equiv.
2/10 to 2/8 = 4ply
2/12 to 2/15 = 3ply
2/16 to 2/18 = 2ply
2/28 to 2/32 = 1ply
3 ends of 2/30 make 4ply
2 ends of 2/30 make 3ply

Yarn count ie 2/30 WC (Worsted Count). The 2 denotes two yarns folded (twisted together). The 30 is the number of 560 yard hanks, which weigh one pound.

I prefer the WPI system myself because as long as you have a ruler you can work out the thickness. But it's not commonly used.

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