Wednesday, August 17

Table of machine needle sizes

Diagram of a machine needle

I'm working on a spreadsheet of machine needle sizes - measuring total length, centreline of butt to end, and the height of the butt. I'll not share the live spreadsheet here just now because it's a work in progress, but if you think you can help me with missing machine(s) or data, please leave your measurements in the comments. It'd be much appreciated!

This is the document so far. I am hoping to add to it in the future.

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Pirvonen said...

Brother 4.5 gauge ribber KR-585 uses the same 12.4/4.7/1.5 needle as the other 4.5 ribbers in your table.

The Brother KH-800, gauge 4.5, is otherwise 12.8/5.1/1.5, but in addition there is a downward bend from 4.0 to 4.9 (rear end of butt), depth of 4 mm.