Sunday, September 11

Last day

The last day we always have a surprise lecture - this year it was a slideshow of images from the Norwegian students. One of them travels 18 hours on various buses just to get to the college - with a ribber! They meet every seven weeks for a class of a week. I loved the fashion show where the models had mad space-age "wigs" made from neon dyed tights and polystyrene balls. Carol presented certificates to everyone who entered the competition, and I finished up with a coffee. Bill King did an impromptu demonstration of one of the vintage cast iron knitting machines, in the hallway outside the "museum" room.

Took mmryse back to the hotel as the coach wasn't leaving until 2pm and had some soup before getting on the road. It never fails to amaze me, the amount of drivers that sit in the middle lane of a motorway. Yes, even on the toll road, when there is almost nobody to overtake. Very sad!

Spent all day yesterday demonstrating the CSM and making charity jumpers on a borrowed LK150 at a Heritage open day near Warwick, which was a lot of fun - the weather stayed pretty good, too! Today I'm hoping to see a few Heritage sites myself.

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Phil said...

Soundsike you had a great week Jane - can't wait to see the photos! :-)