Monday, October 17

Some FOs

Lilly wrap for a charity shop:


I was without a ribber whilst making this - Thomas the cat having used my ribber carriage as a trampoline - so the hems are latched for about 5 rows. Didn't get time to wash/press. I know ribbed welts are considered somewhat passe, but at least they stop the curl!

Charity tee top made on an LK150:


Made this on Heritage weekend in September, only just got around to finishing it. There's another half somewhere but I am out of DK at the moment and the mid-gauge has been taken down.

Charity tee top made on my KH60:


This is a skein of very pretty blue boucle yarn that I bought as a four pack ages ago (the other skeins were all different). I had planned to use it for myself, but there was not enough for much more than a hat. This used most of the ball - someone else can benefit from my impulsiveness.

The charity tee top patterns are based on the Guideposts knit for kids pattern and they are linked on my Free patterns page.


isrbrown said...

Oh I love these! Nicely done!

Alex said...

Wow these look really cool Jane keep up the goood work