Wednesday, January 18

Startitis strikes again...

Well, I guess it had to happen. I had a bit of a sort-out of my knitting basket over Christmas, and relocated/frogged a few UFOs in the process. The sari silk I bought at Ally Pally in 2010 was being crocheted into a round bag, but it didn't look as if I had enough (despite a donation from a friend) and anyway I didn't really like how it was turning out. The yarn's been sitting on the stairs, glaring at me, since being frogged.

I've got a book I shall probably sell on - "Double stitch" - which is a book full of very contemporary crochet designs. It's not really my thing, being more suited to fashionistas and teenagers (and I, alas, am neither!) BUT there's a very simple pattern for a "salsa belt" that I really liked the look of. It's basically a long strip of plain crochet with a fringe on one side, so can be worn as a belt (kind of "grass skirt" like) or as a scarf. Perfect use for the sari silk, which is rather rough and very uneven. I realized that I didn't really do any new crochet last year at all; in fact, the only thing I did was rework the Cameo top because I'd made it too snug around my waist (and make the aforementioned, doomed bag, of course).

So, have started the belt today. Really struggling with a 6mm hook though - this stuff is THICK!

Estonian spiral sock has been frogged, and put into timeout to think about what it did. Am determined to finish the pompom socks first.

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