Wednesday, February 29

Swatching and planning

What do you knit when you know you don't have enough time to achieve something finished? You swatch, of course! Last night I swatched:

- The blue chenille, which knits surprisingly well on the KH950i and looks ten times better than on the LK150. So it's just the SK840 that chokes on it, then.

- Some purple/blue with lurex - might be just enough for a halter neck top

- Some white cotton chenille with blue slubs. Comes out like cardboard on the 950i, knits surprisingly well on the KH260 (not sure what I shall do with this, as it's leftovers, but I have a full cone of another colour too).

As an aside, had a telephone call from a local TV company asking if I and my fellow Knitwits want to appear topless on "Embarrassing Bodies" to promote breast health. Er, thanks, but no thanks...

Current mood: thoughtful

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